Auckland’s Sky Tower, standing at 328 meters high, is visible from everywhere in the city, soaring to the heavens. It is the most prominent local landmark, giving you the best view of the city that you can otherwise only get from a helicopter. The Sky Tower is the tallest man-made building in the entire southern hemisphere. It has an observation deck that offers views for 80 km on a clear day.

New Zealanders are known for turning attractions into thrill-seeking opportunities, and Sky Tower follows this trend. Visitors can enjoy dizzying views as they walk along the narrow Sky Walk platform surrounding the tower. If walking seems too tedious, you can choose to base jump from the platform to the Sky Jump with a harness. In addition to these, the Sky Tower also has several restaurants and bars. Our personal recommendation is to check out Orbit 360.

Orbit 360 is a unique gourmet restaurant located at the top of the Sky Tower. It is an iconic New Zealand restaurant that offers breathtaking views and food that matches the visual experience. The dining room rotates every hour, providing a unique experience with 360-degree panoramas of the city, Hauraki Bay and beyond.

Orbit 360 offers two tasting menus for lunch and dinner in a relaxed and open atmosphere. The kiwi-inspired menu consists of the finest local and seasonal produce. You can enjoy authentic dishes such as pan-seared salmon with broccoli in verjus beurre blanc sauce, roasted chicken breast with roasted cauliflower and date puree, honey-soy pork breast with miso tofu, and beef fillet with sautéed leeks in tomato salsa. As it is the only revolving restaurant in New Zealand, it is an unforgettable experience to be enjoyed.