East St Cafe is Nelson’s only vegan restaurant, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for vegans to enjoy. Omnivores will also appreciate the hearty “Buddha bowls,” fried vegetable stacks, and creamy mushrooms that somehow manage to be perfectly creamy without a hint of real cream.

Truly a pioneer in plant-based dining, East St Café & Bar has been trying to showcase vegan food in Nelson for over a decade.

The menu is packed with gourmet selections, from breakfast to lunch to evening meals and desserts, as well as beverages that include a number of craft beers and ciders, mostly from the Nelson region, as well as a selection of New Zealand wines. East St. prides itself on making everything possible, including hamburger buns and sauces.

The interiors are amazing and fun. Plenty of houseplants hang from the ceiling, and rumor has it, you can buy one to put under your arm when you go out. Tables and chairs like Formica from the 1950s and rows of vinyl lines on the back wall. There is a special emphasis on comfort, and in winter a fire keeps the Nelson coffee shop and bar warm, while in summer the back garden comes alive with its own bar and plenty of outdoor tables.

East St Café & Bar owners Tejas Arn and Vicki Redborn Arn are music enthusiasts (find the menu between the covers of old records) and turn the space into a music venue at least once a week. Check their social media accounts to keep up to date with upcoming concerts.

According to visitors, the vegetarian dishes are delicious. Many guests come to try the well-cooked tofu, tofu salads, and nacho chips. The truth is that you will really enjoy the good cheesecakes, chocolate mousse and brownies. Customers visit East St to drink delicious craft beer, cider or draft beer. You will be offered a wonderful latte, lemonade or tea.

The atmosphere of hospitality of this place largely depends on the staff, who are energetic. If you want to experience fast service, you should visit this place. The prices here are adequate.